Lux ATL Workshop: Stripcraft – Pure Lapdance – Oct 8 2017

120min, 1:15pm-3:15pm, $85
All types of Women welcome. All levels.

Continue the work of soul-searching sensuality in the sequel to Lux’s blockbuster workshop, Stripcraft: Pure Ladance. The purpose of this workshop is to extend the skills of engagement and sensual movement learned in Stripcraft into meaningful interaction with new friends in an environment of loving support. Pure Lapdance begins with an inspirational invocation from Lux that will increase your confidence and courage. Next, we move into partner work designed to foster honesty, bravery, and human connection. After that, we get our bodies moving with a sexy group warm-up and a real-deal lapdance lesson not taught in your average dance class! Finally, we will rejoin with partners to share our new skills of openness, engagement, and sensual movement in a final Lapdance Heaven!