Crystal Belcher Workshops – October 7th, 2017

Magic in the Mistakes

Saturday, October 7th 12pm-1:30pm
90 minutes, $50

The awe-inspiring creations you see from pole artists often occur on accident. This class helps to create movement from your “mistakes” by developing fluidity, extension, intension and innovation. We will dissect your requested moves to find out where issues may lie. Then we will proceed by discovering new shapes and directions to create magical movement, on and off the pole.


Come Get Some: Stylized & Signature Tricks with CryStylez

Saturday, October 7th 1:45-3:15pm
90 minutes, $60

If you want to enhance your movement with style, then Come and Get Some with CryStylez! Flip, twist, twirl, thread, push, press and fly with intricate and innovative movement on, off and around the pole. Not for the faint of heart as most of her tricks and transitions appear to be simplistic and done with ease. Learn how to master these complex, meticulous and endurance filled pieces to fit your pole voice and shine beyond imagination!



Athleticism, adventure and artistry have always been recurring characteristics of Ms. Crystal Belcher aka “CryStylez.” Crystal has an extensive history of dancing,  cheering, co-ed competitive sports and dance fitness. Since 2010, she has been a student of pole, an instructor, personal trainer and choreographer.

“CryStylez”  thrives on fluidity and showmanship, alongside the thrill of expression and  transformation. Her aspirations are to inspire clients to enhance their visions of  fitness, performance and/or dance with style! Not only does Crystal work to leave  a lasting impression, she aims to spread that insight and perspective of  performance to up and coming artists.

It is not just about the tricks and transitions, hyper-flexibility and strength moves, it’s about creating moments and evoking emotions.