Kirstie Ellerbe Instructor

2 new Member’s classes with Kirstie Ellerbe, starting mid-June!

The Mynx Academy is proud to announce that we will be starting 2 new Member’s classes mid-June, taught by the amazing, award-winning, Kirstie Ellerbe!!

One will be a brand new Beginner Pole Dance Level 1 Member’s class, and the other will be a Mixed Level, Low Intermediate and Up class.

Beginner Pole Dance Level 1

10 am, starts June 17th

The Beginner class will be Saturday mornings at 10 am, starting June 17th, which means you get the last 2 weeks of June plus all of July for the price of one month! $75 is due upon registration. This class will continue indefinitely so you may continue your membership month to month as long as you wish, with the option to add classes as you are qualified for them.

You may sign up here:


Shapes and Design: Pole Architecture

11:15 am, starts June 17th

Shapes and Design: Pole Architecture will be Saturday mornings, starting June 17th at 11:15 am. This class is focused on creating dynamic movements and interesting shapes on the pole. With an emphasis in technique and great lines, this class will get you ready for the stage, whether for competition or showcasing!

This class is Mixed Level and is open to pole dancers from low intermediate level up. Students must have 8 months experience with pole and be safely inverting from the floor.

If you are currently NOT a Mynx Member, but would like to sign up for this class only, you may do so by signing up for the Bronze Level Membership here:


If you would like to continue your membership month to month or add other classes to it, please contact Michelle directly at

If you are a current member and are curious about this class, you may try it out for either of the first two weeks and then add it to your membership for July if you would like to stay enrolled.

Thank you!